We came here to mainly to go fishing but also to, see Colleen and Jason our aunt and uncle. I must admit that I thought, I stood no chance of catching a fish, When we went to Tantabide, Dad and Jason went to the pier to try their luck,while Collin, Lucy, Edmund, Mum and I, […]

Things To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

When travelling, you can get bored. This happens quite often, it is not a holiday. You seem not to be able to do anything that you do often. You cannot seem to bring yourself to anything you do too often. You cannot bring yourself to do anything you usually play or do so you will […]

Our Time At The Snow

“Can we drive to the ski resort at the top of that mountain” we asked everywhere at Jindabyne. We wanted to get to the bush camps nearest to Perisher Ski Resort in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales. But it was a bit of a bad joke; mum and dad couldn’t go skiing there, as […]

Books that I really enjoy

I like to read all books.  I have got a large collection of kindle books, paper books and audio books. My favourites are Enid Blyton, J.K.Rowling, Angie Sage, Mary Pope Osbourne, Roald Dahl, L. Frank Balm and C.S. Lewis.  Many of these authors write fantasy books.  I am a large fan of fantasy books! Enid Blyton wrote heaps of […]

Near Tarra Bulga National Park

Port Albert was much calmer today, and more pleasant without the gale force winds. Without the wind, the sun had much more bite already by seven in the morning. We watched boats launching, observed a beached sea star and chatted to a few other travellers. Dad was particularly tired as his sunburn was intensely itchy, […]

Going To Walhalla

We packed up again first thing and set off after Lucy, Susan, Edmund and I had played in the river.  Our drive took us past the Loy Yang power plant.  Its size and ugliness were mind boggling at close range, far more so than the distant glimpses I had before.   We spent far too […]

Port Albert, VICTORIA

The morning involved packing up ready to move on, and at 10am the caravan was hitched and ready to go. I helped get down the string that we used as a washing line, and Lucy removed the pegs from the line. We navigated out of Golden Beach down through Seaspray to Yarram. In Yarram, Dad […]

Golden beach(ninty mile beach)

Near the not-so Golden Beach

Near Golden Beach, Victoria – Ninety Mile Beach After a lazy start to the day, we traipsed to the beach. We were delighted to find a golden, sandy beach. It was rough water, but Dad went into the water with the kids. We did not see anyone else for hours down there. Mum took Edmund […]

Swimming With Sea Lions

I was so exited that we were all going to Swim with the Sea Lion. We barely made it to the boat, though because we had to get there by 8 in the morning. We were on the same boat that we went in to the swim with the tuna. The trip was harder than […]