Our Time At The Snow

“Can we drive to the ski resort at the top of that mountain” we asked everywhere at Jindabyne. We wanted to get to the bush camps nearest to Perisher Ski Resort in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales.
But it was a bit of a bad joke; mum and dad couldn’t go skiing there, as the man explained, “Because you haven’t a super pass, you can only go to Hotham and Falls Creek.” So we went up to Mount Hotham with the caravan! The road was steep and narrow, and it seemed easy for a car to slip.
We stayed at a bush campsite called Victoria Falls. It was a grassy picnic area, with a river that wove through it. Dad didn’t like the drive down, or getting the water one hounded meters away. He would drive down, fill up his buckets with water and tip it in to the tank.

When we skied we started on The Summit, the easiest run, until I made jumps! Then we moved up to a longer run, but still an easy one called Big D. Even Brendan skied down it! Every Wednesday and Saturday they put on the same show, and we could go night skiing!
Mum ended up letting Susan and I get skiing lessons. There were about ten other kids in the class. Half of them had ski poles. We started by going down The Summit and Big D. Then one day we were told that we were going down sun run a blue (intermediate) run for the first time! I loved it. It was nice and bumpy!
We had a lovely time skiing down and catching the lift up all day and every day. The first time we went down a black run was exciting it! Once dad actually slipped on some ice!
Dinner Plain was a tiny but friendly town. When the lifts closed, we would sometimes go there and use Mum’s old toboggan, have something to eat or make something with the snow.

The day before we left we built a little snow cave we thought that we would come back to it tomorrow but when we got to the caravan we saw on our laptop that is was going to be raining a lot tomorrow so we left and started towards Melbourne.

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About Peter

Hello, my name is Peter, and I am eleven years old. I like to read, particularly fantasy and adventure. My favourite authors are Angie Sage, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, and J.K. Rowling.

I am traveling around Australia in a caravan with my Mum,Dad,baby brother and two sisters. My brother, Edmund, is two, and my sisters are named Lucy, who is six, and Susan, who is eight. My favourite places are Ayres Rock, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Mt. Hothom, Andamooka, Gem Tree and Phillip Island. At Ayres Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyonn, we walked for ages. At Mt.hothom we skied for the whole season and tobboganned.

I like to read, listen to audiobooks on my ipod, ride my bike sing, memorise poems, take photos, maths, cooking, campfires, and swim. My favourite songs are by Louis Armstrong.

My sisters and I are homeschooled. Mum tells me sometimes that I have to read a particular book. Sometimes Mum tells me to read a book, and I usually say “No way! I hate that book!” but then once I read it I usually find I love it. It was like that with J.R.R.Tolkein, Angie Sage, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. I knew that I’d like L.Frank Baum, though, because Mum had played some of the Wizard of Oz audiobooks in the car.


  1. I’d forgotten that you had built that snow cave with Dad just the day before we left! It was a shame you couldn’t have continued to play in it.

  2. Hopefully someone else used the snow cave.

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