My School On The Road

When you are traveling it is hard to go to a school, so we (Susan, Lucy, Edmund and I) get homeschooled. It can occasionally be boring, but most of the time it is fun. Three times when we’ve stopped for a while we have a look a the schools and stay for a couple of weeks. Then when we are back travelling we go back to homeschooling. Homeschooling usually is very fun.

Occassionally we get to use the computer or ipad to go on maths or spelling games. By doing this, I’ve got to be good at my maths, as well as Susan.

Sometimes we do a spelling test. I like them, but Susan doesn’t really like them.

Because of our homeeschooling, Susan and I have gotten to know Latin. Latin is an ancient language that was spoken by the Romans. We’ve learnt how to make each other angry by calling each other names in Latin. Mum and Dad send us to bed when we do this, but other than that it’s usually pretty funny. At Andamooka, I was telling everyone about it and when I told people that a single word could aggrevate me from Susan she started calling me “puella” (girl), “fenestra” (window) and “porta” (gate) and the other kids and teachers were laughing so much that there weren’t white faces, just red faces from laughing so hard. After that, all the boys were calling the girls “puers” (boys) and the girls were calling the boys puellas. Mum’s just got us a book called “How to insult, abuse, and insinuate in Classical Latin”, and I’ve been calling Susan a “mala pituita nasi” (nasty snot-nose) so she’s been calling me “foetorem extremaz latrinas” (You are the stench of a low-life latrine!).

When we are doing school, my favourite subjects are geography, history, and science. It really fascinates me to think how people like Thomas Alva Eddison can invent things like the light bulb when no one had even seen one before. I like it that he annoyed his teachers when he was my age by asking his teachers questions that they couldn’t answer like “Can we change water into electricity?” When we are learning about history, which is usually in the car while we are travelling, we will put on an audiobook and listen to it. The audiobooks we listen to for this are things like “Who Was … “, “Sterling Biographies …” and “Modern Scholar … ” from We learn science by listening to audiobooks like the “Modern Scholar …” and some of the audio biographies about famous scientists and their discoveries like Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Eddison, and Alexander Graham Bell. We also chat about things when we notice them. My grandmother was surprised that I could talk to her about how the trucks tail-gate each other to stay in the slipstream to get less wind resistance and friction so they use less fuel. We usually use school books for Latin, spelling, story writing, and maths. For maths we use the Math U See blocks and books, and the Right Start books. For Latin, we use little books with worksheets in them (Mum: Latin For Children), and for spelling we use the Spell To Write and Read book, and I am up to list P3. I’ve been surprised to learn by travelling that the desert can be so green. I would never have guessed living in Melbourne that it could be so green, I always thought that it would be browny-black (Susan: Why don’t you use the words grey and bleak for it, Peter?) with a bit of red dust. It’s particularly green at the moment because of the rainfall. There are some little water channels that wouldn’t normally be here, but are here because of the flooding. At Uluru, I was surprized that there were waterholes around it, and I got to see it with so many waterfalls coming off it. Also, I got to see the rock-art that the Aborigines had made thousands of years before and were still in great condition.

Travelling Australia can be boring when you are driving, because there is almost nothing to do except watch the scenery passing, read, or listen to an audiobook. We usually drive two or three hours at a time, maybe two or three times a week. When we drive, we usually do not stop until we get to our campsite. When we are in the car, Susan and I usually read or listen to an audiobook, though Susan will often draw with Edmund and Lucy. I find some books can make me sleepy. Lucy will usually point out windmills we pass, and everyone points out cows, animals, water, and watertanks. Be cautious reading in a car, reading while going over hills can make me car sick. I like reading, but sometimes I can’t read in the car because I get carsick. Usually I find the cure to help car sickness is sleep. It is boring being in the car, but we find things to do.

You have to be careful with campsites; some are really good, some are not. We like to find a playground at a campsite, but we can’t always. I like to play tag and ride my bike, my sisters also like making fairy houses. If there is something I want to do, I try to find someone to play it with me, but if not I’ll do something else by myself. At Belair National Park, we played a long game of hide ‘n’ seek tiggy. At Cobungra, we got to ride on the other kids’ quad bike.

We find it hard to keep in touch with our friends. We like to find new friends at campsites. It can be difficult to find friends because sometimes there are no other kids at the campsite. Sometimes I meet the kids again at another campsite, other times we don’t see them again. It doesn’t bother me; I can always make new friends.

We are home schooled. When we do schoolwork, Mum is very strict. I like to look at old equipment and try to figure out how they work. At Coober Pedy, I tried to work out what the old machines were, and I looked at an early telephone in Warnambool. I’ve learnt a lot about history; what people have done, how they’ve done things, where they’ve been. i read books about the towns we are in, some of these books are interesting, and others are boring. One time we found a clean skeleton while we were four wheel driving. We worked out from the long tail that was still together that it was a kangaroo. When we are at tourist places, we always read the information on the signs.

I like travelling full time, but I don’t like being in the car for long periods of time. Sometimes I feel like I never want to stop travel.




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About Peter

Hello, my name is Peter, and I am eleven years old. I like to read, particularly fantasy and adventure. My favourite authors are Angie Sage, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, and J.K. Rowling.

I am traveling around Australia in a caravan with my Mum,Dad,baby brother and two sisters. My brother, Edmund, is two, and my sisters are named Lucy, who is six, and Susan, who is eight. My favourite places are Ayres Rock, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Mt. Hothom, Andamooka, Gem Tree and Phillip Island. At Ayres Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyonn, we walked for ages. At Mt.hothom we skied for the whole season and tobboganned.

I like to read, listen to audiobooks on my ipod, ride my bike sing, memorise poems, take photos, maths, cooking, campfires, and swim. My favourite songs are by Louis Armstrong.

My sisters and I are homeschooled. Mum tells me sometimes that I have to read a particular book. Sometimes Mum tells me to read a book, and I usually say “No way! I hate that book!” but then once I read it I usually find I love it. It was like that with J.R.R.Tolkein, Angie Sage, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. I knew that I’d like L.Frank Baum, though, because Mum had played some of the Wizard of Oz audiobooks in the car.


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  2. Very proud of you darling. You’ve been trying so hard lately with your schoolwork.

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