Swimming with Tuna

I was thrilled when I knew that we were going to swim with the tuna!

It was the complete opposite on the boat! it got jossled and tossled about because of the waves! the waves were humongous!  A the waves were so big that poepole were falling all over the place.  Edmund, Lucy, Susan and I were running around the back of the boat, and poking our heads out into the spray of the waves, and shrieking with glee.

A little whiled later Stacy(one of the helpers) came out to talk about what the tuna were like and a couple of the more important rules like not to try and touch the tuna if we were in the water.  Trying to do that could mean they’d try and get out of our way and bruise us. Finely we were there outside the tuna farm ring. Stacy came back out again  to tell everyone more important rules before we all got out of the boat into the ring.

The tuna were big, and although they were only young, they were about 50 kilograms each.  The heaviest was 70 kilograms.  To feed them we had to use tongs, which were rather hard to use when you had big waves crashing all over the place.  The tuna would suddenly reach up unexpectedly and take the pilchard out of the tong.  I tried to see how high they could jump, and found they could only be out of the water for a few seconds before gravity pulled them back down.

To be safe we could not just jump straight into the water like I’d wanted to before I got there.  They can swim at 70 kilometers an hour, and would probably not take to kindly to people just suddenly flying into their territory.    We had to use the tongs to feed them or the tuna might have cut out hand, apparently they don’t leave deep cuts but more like paper cuts.

The ring for the tuna farm was big with a diameter of 45 meters so that the tuna could move around quickly.  This is because they have to swim their body length in a second to get enough oxygen.  There were 12 buoys to keep it floating in even in bad weather like it was that day.  They had electric wire around the top to stop sharks and sea lions getting in to eat them all.

When I heard that there was an underwater viewing platform I wanted to get down there.  I made my down the stairs that were shaking with the waves, and the second I got down I wanted to get back up.  It echoed terribly.

I had great fun feeding the tuna their food.   We fed them pilchard.  At first I put one in by the tail, then I tried holding it by the head.  The tuna ignored it until I dropped it in the water.  The tuna wouldn’t eat the pilchards unless they could see the head.  (Dad says he’s pretty sure they would, that they could smell them.)

Dad hopped in the water to swim.  He told me not to throw the pilchards at him, but Mum encouraged us.  Dad was angry at first when i threw the tuna food at him but then when he realised that the tuna were eating all around him he was thrilled!

I had been planning to swim with the tuna before we got there.  In the end, Dad told me to get on the snorkel and mask, but when I got down a few rungs of the ladder it was too cold for me, and I did not like the look of the tuna.  I got out and fed them for the rest of the session.

That night when I went to sleep at last, I dreamed I was back there swimming with the tuna because it was so much fun.





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Hello, my name is Peter, and I am eleven years old. I like to read, particularly fantasy and adventure. My favourite authors are Angie Sage, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, and J.K. Rowling.

I am traveling around Australia in a caravan with my Mum,Dad,baby brother and two sisters. My brother, Edmund, is two, and my sisters are named Lucy, who is six, and Susan, who is eight. My favourite places are Ayres Rock, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Mt. Hothom, Andamooka, Gem Tree and Phillip Island. At Ayres Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyonn, we walked for ages. At Mt.hothom we skied for the whole season and tobboganned.

I like to read, listen to audiobooks on my ipod, ride my bike sing, memorise poems, take photos, maths, cooking, campfires, and swim. My favourite songs are by Louis Armstrong.

My sisters and I are homeschooled. Mum tells me sometimes that I have to read a particular book. Sometimes Mum tells me to read a book, and I usually say “No way! I hate that book!” but then once I read it I usually find I love it. It was like that with J.R.R.Tolkein, Angie Sage, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. I knew that I’d like L.Frank Baum, though, because Mum had played some of the Wizard of Oz audiobooks in the car.


  1. Very good writing Peter. It is interesting and well written.
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  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it, too, but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if it had been a calmer day rather than so windy.

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