Golden beach(ninty mile beach)

Near the not-so Golden Beach

Near Golden Beach, Victoria – Ninety Mile Beach After a lazy start to the day, we traipsed to the beach. We were delighted to find a golden, sandy beach. It was rough water, but Dad went into the water with the kids. We did not see anyone else for hours down there. Mum took Edmund […]

Swimming With Sea Lions

I was so exited that we were all going to Swim with the Sea Lion. We barely made it to the boat, though because we had to get there by 8 in the morning. We were on the same boat that we went in to the swim with the tuna. The trip was harder than […]

Lake Eyre by Helicopter

When I realised that we really were actually going to go in a helicopter over Lake Eyre, I was so excited that I could hardly walk towards the helicopter. Lucy, Susan, Dad and I first flew from Cooper Creek to the station to fill up with fuel. The pilot let Susan and I help to […]

Tarra Bulga National Park

It all started with the sign near the caravan park.  Mum saw the sign first.  We had the park manager show us around her outside of the park shop and especially a talking parrot! Next thing we know is her asking “Do you want to see the eels?” ”Yes please” came the answering chorus of […]

Swimming with Tuna

I was thrilled when I knew that we were going to swim with the tuna! It was the complete opposite on the boat! it got jossled and tossled about because of the waves! the waves were humongous!  A the waves were so big that poepole were falling all over the place.  Edmund, Lucy, Susan and I were running around […]

My Wonderful, Awful Dad!

Introduction: My dad is both wonderful and awful! but mostly wonderful. I will tell you the good and bad Good Points: Our dad lets us travel around Australia. He dumps the toilet for us when it’s full. He usually lets us swim in places when its safe. He lets us read for ages in the […]

our first travel site

Our very first travelling site was our grandy’s. We (that is our Dad and Mum) had trouble parking the 22 foot Caravan we had to back the Caravan down the drive way. Dad had to use about seven or eight bloks of wood to stablise the whole Caravan! then we all (except, of course, mum […]

Getting Ready to Travel

Mum started it by asking everyone if they wanted to travel. Lucy, Susan and I said “Yes!” At first, Dad said, “No, I do not want to travel.” But finally he gave in. So we went around asking about caravans, but we couldn’t find a caravan that we all liked. So finally, Mum designed our […]

My School On The Road

When you are traveling it is hard to go to a school, so we (Susan, Lucy, Edmund and I) get homeschooled. It can occasionally be boring, but most of the time it is fun. Three times when we’ve stopped for a while we have a look a the schools and stay for a couple of […]